Demo with Laravel 5.6 backend.

This package aims to provide a standard, flexible and reusable, fully configurable and customizable backend-agnostic administrative interface solution. It is also complete enough to be used out-of-the-box.

The admin panel is an SPA based on Vue.js so almost everything is a Vue component. Obviously, you should be familiar with Vue.js to customize it.

Some fundamental concepts:

  • All application entities/models/whatever data should be provided by an application server API. That includes main navigation, data fields configuration, filtering and ordering capabilities, permissions, etc.
  • Any Vue components such as fields, modal windows, pages can be replaced by their customized versions or extended with additional custom components made from scratch or based on default ones.
  • Custom components are implicitly included to a bundle if following conventions. These conventions are described in the customization section.

Feel free to contact me or open a GitHub issue in case of:

  • You think this package is a piece of shit
  • You think this documentation is a piece of shit
  • You think my English is a piece of shit (probably you do)
  • You found some bugs
  • You found some grammatic mistakes
  • You can make some improvements
  • You want to give me money
  • You have an awesome work offer
  • You just want to tell me this package is cool
  • You just want to tell me that I am cool (but I know that)
  • Anything else

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