Notifications are convenient when you want user to pay attention to something without requiring any kind of interaction.

To show notification just call this.$notify('Message string'[, options]) within any of your Vue components.

This will return a promise which is resolved (without any value) when notification is closed.

options is an object which can contain fields:

  • class - array or string with custom class, see Bootstrap alerts for available class modifiers. Default: 'alert-info'
  • timeout - time in ms to show notification for. Default: 2000. Set to false to disable timeout.

Usage example:

// Custom Vue component
export default {
    // I don't wanna die :(
    beforeDestroy() {
        this.$notify('Noooooooo!', { class: 'alert-danger' })
            .then(() => { console.log('What have you done...'); });

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