Quick start

  1. Install the package:

     npm i -S vue-admin-front cross-env rimraf webpack-nano
  2. Add npm scripts to your package.json:

         "scripts": {
             "admin:dev": "node node_modules/vue-admin-front/index.js",
             "admin:build": "rimraf public/admin-dist && cross-env NODE_ENV=production wp --config node_modules/vue-admin-front/webpack.config.js"

    *Replace admin:dev's rimraf public/admin-dist part if you use different build destination.

  3. Configure.

  4. Run npm run admin:dev to start dev server listening on port 8080 (by default). Run npm run admin:build to create a static bundle in public/admin-dist folder (by default).

  5. Install and configure one of the supported server API solutions or make your own one.

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