Custom fields

Any additional field types you want to add should be placed to admin/src/components/fields folder. They will be implicitly included and available everywhere by using <field type="custom-field-file-name"></field>

Any field type must:

  • contain value prop
  • contain disabled prop, disables user interactions
  • emit input event with new value each time user changes something


Field helpers can be imported with import { func, ... } from vue-admin-front/utils/fields.

  • emitValue can be added to component's methods and directly used from HTML input/textarea with @input="emitValue". It will correctly process empty string values and prevent sending same values multiple times.
  • trimValue is similar to emitValue but additionally it trims provided string. Use with @blur="trimValue".
  • transformedOptions works with select-like widgets. It will try to convert value from component's options property to a generalized format. Can be safely added to component's computed section. Supported input:
// array
    // object
        // will be used as a value if provided
        [this.valueField]: 'Value',

        // ...or any of the following will be option's value
        id: 'Value',
        value: 'Value'

        // will be used as a label if provided
        [this.labelField]: 'Label',

        // ...or any of the following will be option's label
        label: 'Label',
        title: 'Label',
        name: 'Label'

        // ...if no label found - value is used as a label

    // primitive value will be used as both label and value

    // ...

// object
    // value: label
    [value]: 'Label',
    // ...


        value: 'value',
        label: 'title'
    // ...

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